Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Whacked Media

I just learned about the death of the SeaWorld trainer by the killer whale last night (being in the Provo bubble delays my news alerts).

I was reading up on the story today and a few lines have caught my attention.

The eyewitness, who apparently spoke to a few news sources, seemed to think that the woman's shoe flying off during the thrashing was a pretty big deal.

Really? The woman is being attacked by a killer whale and you're worried/amazed by her losing a shoe?

PETA obviously had something to say about the incident. Not all of their statement was bunk, but I thought they really ended on a high note:

It's time for SeaWorld to heed PETA's advice and let marine mammals live in peace with their families in the world's oceans. Switching to giant robotics would be a win-win situation that could have saved a woman's life today.

What are you talking about? Giant Robotics?? Get real! HA HA HA

And perhaps my favorite quote was by the always comes back the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs...

"To say that his actions were motivated by his teenage hormones is a bit like saying a lion's hunting instincts are motivated by his appetite,"

apparrently orca's are big on breeding.

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