Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Math Geek

I have already admitted that I am somewhat of a nerd. Today, I am confessing my love of math. I was in class today working some stats problems and I tried to remember the last time I did math with actual numbers. I think it was the 5th grade. Variables, I am pretty sure, were introduced to me in Mrs. Snyder's 6th grade math class. I remember thinking it was crazy to do math with the alphabet.

My realization today is that I no longer even just use the alphabet...but I use the GREEK alphabet! (beta & psi are my favorites, while by finance buddy likes gamma)

No wonder BYU counts math for the foreign language credit.

Last year, I lived my life on the Greek alphabet in my quantum mechanics learn to love Schrodinger there! But I am pleased that I have not completely crossed over to the dark side like this guy. Yikes!


PEG said...

Can you feel me shaking my head???????

AEJones said...

I'd like to "ditto" your Mom's comment. Oh addie.