Friday, August 26, 2011

where o where?

Finally, 2 months after our wedding, I had the sense of mind to call my mom and ask what happened to my wedding dress and shoes?? It occured to me that while I was home for my brother's wedding, I never saw it in the house. I called her last night and she didn't have it. She called Auntie Lynne, nope she didn't have it either. I texted my sister-in-law guessed it. Nope nope nope. No one had it. Everyone told me a different story of where it ended up, of who took charge of it. But they all said that it wasn't left there, that the place was clean & empty when they left. Still, I had Jamey call the Jensen Nature Park and ask after it. They had no idea. Of course. I texted friends and family all day, each person sillier and more unlikely than the last. But someone had to have it. How do you lose a wedding dress for crying out loud? 36 hours after the initial query, guess where it turned up? With my mom. In her closet. Love her.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

funny word

I was reminded of it last night at a girlfriend's birthday party. It was her present from the Spaghetti Warehouse. SPUMONI. It's funny to me and I giggle every time I think it. You know how songs get stuck in your head? Well this word is like that for me. I've been repeating it to myself subconsciously for the past 20 hours or so. It'd get annoying if it wasn't so funny. The word sounds and looks like it should be a meat- like a gross spam/pepperoni mix. But it's ice cream. Which makes me like it more. And maybe I'm weird but I do actually like pistachio ice cream.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shark Week

du nuh
 duh nuh duh nuh! it's shark week so bring out your shark paraphernalia. nothing is better than celebrating the brutal murders of people by ferocious sea creatures. I think sharks are one of my biggest fears but I don't really fear them all the time because I am much better than them on land. We have watched all the shark week episodes so far (in fact we kept our cable just so we can watch this week). It's too bad that shark week is so white shark supremacist because there are a lot of other cool sharks that are racially excluded. We didn't go all out like my sister did because it is our first year dedicated to the shark fest. We did get awesome shirts from her. Check out her craziness at I now believe in rogue sharks, breech sharks, and that everyone that says something on discovery has to be very dramatic. I used to be afraid of sharks in my pool after watching jaws. I now know that fear was a bit exaggerated.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Palmyra, NY

While Mormons were making their way to the Hill Cumorah from the 4 corners of the world to see the Pageant, Jamey and I used it as an excuse to go visit his mom (mine too now). We had so much fun. She spoiled us with food, fun, and leisure. I finally tasted her peach pancakes that Jamey loves, she & I ganged up & beat him in both Bananagrams and Sequence, and we just enjoyed not being on a schedule.

Hill Cumorah Pageant
 see where he gets it?

 modeling clothes from his Old Navy $20 grab bag. 
the clothes were not worth the $$ but the entertainment & endless laughter were

 where Brigham Young was baptized

Monique! best lady I met on my mission
so happy we got to visit & I got to show off Jamey