Sunday, November 25, 2012

tis the season

I do not do not do not want to go back to school/work again tomorrow. The closer the end of the semester draws the longer it seems to take. I love lounging around the house all day in my sweats. It never gets old. I think it used to get old for Jamey because he doesn't love girls in sweats, but unfortunately for him I change into them immediately when I get home. Recently though, I've been trying to stay dressed until he gets home, but not always. And now I've broken him into the bad habit as well. I'm cheap and we still don't really have our heater going. It's set to warm up to a whopping 68 in the evenings and the morning when we wake up. But I figure why pay for heat when I can put on a sweatshirt and sit with a blanket wrapped around me?

We did some Christmas decorating. I now have 3 trees. The one super cute wooden one that was my Grandma's that she lent to my Mom that she just lent to me. The Christmas Tree in a Box that my thoughtful brother sent me 2 years ago. And a cute little replica of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. And we have 3 nativities up. And Jamey hasn't watched a Christmas movie with me yet but I think I'll try and break him of that tonight.

That's all I got.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was spent in the hills/forest/woodlands of North Carolina. It was beautiful! It was cold enough at night to sit (and sleep) in front of the fire, and warm enough during the day to not need a coat. It was the smallest Thanksgiving of my life, who has ever heard of making the traditional Thanksgiving meal for 4 people?, but I loved it. Mostly because I still got my yams. It was also the latest I have ever eaten Thanksgiving dinner...I think it was about 8:00 when we finally sat down around the table. It kept getting pushed back because of a broken water pipe, then a faulty fryer, then a trip to a store for a meat thermometer that was sold out, but then we found one, I think that was it. I was so ready to eat I could hardly wait for the prayer to be said before I digged in. I know there are a lot of pics here, but they are mostly for my mom to see, you can just skim through what you like. I'm so grateful they drove out from Vegas to share such a memorable Thanksgiving Day together!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

this weekend

We've had such a great weekend. On Friday we went to the opening night of the Columbus Zoo Lights. It was their "stuff-the-truck" event where you get in free for 5 cans of food. We took our sweet neighbor Jean, she's like four-foot-nothin, for her birthday. So great. Then I met up with some girlfriends for Twilight. I love girls' nights. And I can't remember what I did Saturday, lots of errands and a football party. Oh! I tried to make Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory caramel apples. Yumm. But...apparently it is not enough to melt the caramel, you have to mix it with water or else it turns brittle hard when it cools and breaks your teeth off when you try and bite into it. Good flavor though. ha we ate ribs for dinner. Win. So good. We are going to North Carolina to meet up with my mom and Jeff for Thanksgiving. I can't wait!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

biding my time

What have we been up to? I'm not sure. But I'm tired of looking at Flagella every time I get on. He is a full fledged frog now. He's pretty cute. But he still likes being in the water to sitting on his rock. It was very exciting the first time he came all the way out of the water. So fun.

I'm deep cleaning the house tonight. It's very satisfying. Next is the bathrooms though so you can see why I'm putting that off for just a bit.

I'm the lamest wife ever for Halloween. Jamey came home and we had about 10 minutes to put something together (because I didn't plan ahead) and get to the party. So we buttoned 2 of his shirts together and went as Siamese Twins. It lasted for awhile, but luckily a friend of ours went as a surgeon (her husband was the Operation guy, so funny) and we separated. We wore matching undershirts so we still felt a little dressed up.

I got a new calling at Church. I was super sad to be released from teaching the Relief Society. I loved that! But now I am the Nursery Leader. Jamey's a Nursery worker already so I'm his boss now. I think it should be fun to play with the kids every week. And before I said yes I made sure I didn't have to do the Singing Time part, because I know all of 3 Primary songs: I am a Child of God, Families Can Be Together, and Give Said the Little Stream. And two more: Popcorn Popping and Sunbeam. And Book of Mormon Stories. Ok, so I know a few...but still, not as many as I need to know to entertain every week. Wish me luck.

And I watched all of Grey's Anatomy this summer. ALL OF THEM. I got addicted and now that I'm caught up I don't know what to do with myself waiting from week to week to know what happens. Pathetic.

And it's November!!! I got some new boots that I love and even though fall is my favorite season they made it that much better.

I'm downloading an audiobook right now to listen to while I clean and it's taking a really long time so I just keep trying to think what I can write about til it's done. I should've known. It's Anna Karenina. I'm excited. The reader has an accent so it'll be that much more interesting. I hope she does good voices too. I've never listened to a female narrator before.