Sunday, September 30, 2012

another post about cornhole

It's hard to convey the Midwest's fetish and love for Cornhole, but maybe you're beginning to understand since this is not my first post about the game. We love it. And the fact that I can say that I love it too is sayin something. For Jamey's birthday, I was pretty sure I rocked as a wife. Back in April I had the brilliant idea to get Jamey his own set of cornhole boards. April!  That's 3 months in advance! And so I made all the preparations, found some great instructions online, Jeff cut the circle out of the middle for me with a special saw, and my mom drove them out from Vegas when she and the girls roadtripped to DC. It was brilliant. And then as the weather warmed up and we were outside more and playing weekly with our friends, Jamey decided he wanted a set. And he kept asking and hinting and begging and going on and on about how that's what he wanted for his birthday. My gut reaction was to bag the whole idea because I was ticked that I'd thought of it first and now he thought it was his grand idea. But I didn't do that. I just kept it away from the rest of his presents and it was the last thing he opened that night a little before midnight. And he loved it. And now I'm finally sharing. I made the beanbags, he made the boards, and his sister Shelby made us the sweet decals when we visited for Shark Week. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


We have a tadpole. Dang Mangums. The Mangums are our neighbor friends that we like to play jokes on. For Ross's birthday we got him a tadpole. It was appropriate because he and Jamey were both on their OBGYN rotations and you know what a tadpole looks like (that is also how he got his name, at least we think it's a him). 

We wrapped him up in a Victoria Secret bag because 1) it's what we had at the house 2) it was pink and 3) he'd think that was joke before he got to the real surprise. It worked! I like this picture because you can just see how much he's hoping that's not what we really gifted him. They put him in an old pretzel container and he performed tricks for us that night.

Jamey's birthday was 2 weeks after Ross's and we knew we'd be in for it. I was praying they didn't get us a rodent. After an exciting game or two of cornhole (1st time ever the Prices had a cornhole victory over the Mangums!) Jamey opened his present. And those jerks regifted Flagella!   

After a month of living in the same pretzel jar on our kitchen table/counter/wherever he'd be out of the way, we broke down and bought him a real home this weekend. And he has a permanent place in our front room. We figured since he's starting to morph he gets his big boy digs.

Can you see his legs? I tried to get a close up but he's not very accommodating. They were just little twigs last week but now he has knees! He's getting little armbuds too. So ya, that's Flagella.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

no hands

At least I did it before I turn 30, I get some credit for that right? I have never in my life learned how to ride a bike with no hands. The reason being that I am the biggest wuss you will ever meet and am terrified of getting hurt. I'm not athletic, I hate having the ball, I don't do well with team sports...all because I'm a big sissy! Same goes for no hands. When I was little my dad and I used to go on bike rides all the time. He'd do no hands but no matter what he said I'd never try it. Jamey and I went for a ride on the Alum Creek Trail and it was gorgeous and quiet and there was grass on both sides and I was wearing my helmet, seemed like I wasn't going to get a better opportunity. Jamey was a good coach and by the end I was able to balance, ride, pedal, and steer all with no hands!! I was seriously giddy and sounded like a 4 year old screaming to Jamey, "Look at me!" One demon down. Next summer maybe I'll learn how to dive.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shark Week 2012

We celebrated with the best. It was the last weekend before school started for me and we drove to St. Louis for a quick trip to see Shelby in all her glory. I should've taken more pictures but I was having too much fun. It was incredible. For the full work-up and a true appreciation you need to see her Shark Week Blog. We arrived in time to enjoy the Dive-In movie, a group watching Jaws outside by/in the pool. There was a 21 ft great white shark taped to her floor that spanned two rooms. Carnival games- Angry Fish (a real life Angry Birds), Feed the Sharks (ping pong balls through shark mouths), Fishing, Shark Walk (like a cake walk), a hands-on contest that lasted more like 2 hours I think, slip-n-slides, shark races in the pool, oh and a 40 ft blow up Shark slide. AMAZING.

 this is one side of the Angry Sharks, I forgot to get all the precariously stacked boxes

 Jamey going for the attack. I think Sienna won.