Friday, July 27, 2012

not Hawaii

For our summer vacation Jamey and I had this grand plan to go to Hawaii for super cheap and celebrate our 1 year anniversary and get awesomely tan and enjoy our last summer of freedom for a very long while. Surprise, it didn't happen -- I'm more to blame for that than him, I have an incredibly difficult time spending money for my own enjoyment. However, something even better happened. We went to California, with his family, mom plus 3 of 6 siblings ain't bad, with a house full of nieces and nephews thrown in. I think my in-laws are insanely awesome for picking up on a few days notice and taking a week's vacation with us.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

I can

In a rare bout of domesticity today, I bottled cherries. Whenever I do something homemakingish I want a gold star and lots of praise, hence the same day blog post. Jamey is on-call tonight and so there is no one to admire my work with me. But they are beautiful. 23 pints. I've never had bottled cherries but Jamey likes them and since his birthday is Monday I thought they'd be a nice gesture. I toyed with the idea of wrapping a few of them up so he'd have something more to open on his birthday, but they're too pretty to put away. Only one of my bottles has yet to pop - I LOVE THE SOUND OF THE LIDS POPPING - so I say not bad for my 2nd time ever canning, 1st time ever without my Grandma Griggs. My mother-in-law gave me a few pointers too which was nice, since she's the only person I know to ever bottle cherries.

Friday, July 20, 2012

oh happy day

Let the blog updates begin! First things first, and this is not chronological, my mama got married. She was the most beautiful bride, and not just because I was the one who did her hair and makeup. I wonder if the beauty of the day, because it was a beautiful day, had more to do with my waiting for forever for it to arrive or with it being absolutely perfect. It was an outdoor wedding at the end of June in Las Vegas and I didn't see anyone with sweaty tacos. Who lucks out with weather like that? Jeff's family all came and they completely transformed the backyard to be wedding worthy. Thomas gave her away, I was the Maid of Honor, and one of Jeff's oldest friends married them. Delicious food, beautiful flowers (Mom's bouquet ended up being a gagillion times larger than we anticipated and though it looks lovely and delicate in the pictures, do not be fooled, it weighed more than a pregnant lady carrying twins), family, toasts, sunset, beautiful dress, chocolate covered pretzels and marshmallows, and every other wonderful thing you could possibly think of. And now for pictures (from my phone- Rachelle's blog has fancier ones)


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

bless that blogger

Did you see? Pretty great stuff. I actually got on here to start the posts of my fabulous two week vacation, but those will wait. Blogger was launched over a decade ago and sometime in those two weeks that I was away they fixed it. The big it. The it that has driven me crazy since whenever it was I began reading blogs, before I ever wrote my first post. if you care, I wrote about the frustration here. And now it's fixed. When no one cares to talk about what some has posted, or when multiple people do, the section reads "No comments." When only one person has something interesting to say, this is the really wonderful part, it reads "1 comment"!!!!!!!!!!!!! No "S"!!!