Monday, March 29, 2010

Enough already...

I know I've already posted about Senioritis before...but this is killing me! I go to class, but usually read my book the whole way through (I'm on my 5th book in 3 weeks). I should be studying for a test that I HAVE to take today, yet still somehow cannot find any small semblance of motivation. I have a final exam on Wednesday morning, still haven't cracked a book. I am ready to move on. And while I'm still enjoying all my time with my roomies and friends here, I wish we were playing all the time instead of wishing feeble "good lucks" each morning hoping that the day will fly by til we can congregate to laugh on the couch and eat who knows what in the evening. I'm not wishing my time here away, I know I'll miss it lots. But I am wishing away the monotonous schoolwork that is so painfully boring that I find I prefer to stare into space, or the blank computer screen, rather then exert any energy in accomplishing any of it. 12 days of classes left.

Thanks for listening.

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AEJones said...

I hear ya darling.