Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mr. & Mrs.

I've been putting off this post just because you've all been waiting for it. But here we are.

I don't have more pictures yet. If anyone has some, I want them! I can't wait to see all the detail shots of our reception and the candids of everyone there. It was the PERFECT day. I have to tell you all, in case you didn't know, I did NOT want a wedding. I wanted to elope and then send out announcements to you all saying WE DID IT! But alas, I met the one guy in the world that had an aversion to eloping. Seriously?? So we put together a reception and invited all sorts of guests and it was a headache and for the first 2 months of our engagement we couldn't agree on anything and so would have nights where we swore off any wedding talk just so we could remember how much we really did like the other person. But when the day came it was perfect and beautiful and absolutely the best day of my life.

It was forecasted to be rainy and cloudy all day. But it wasn't! It was GORGEOUS! And I have the best friends and family who took care of everything for me and made all of it beautiful.

Splash of memories:
my cake
my bouquet
tutus on rocks
my dashing husband. oh I just loved to look at him that day.
100 + lanterns
wonderful hilarious friends
temple workers trying to give me a different mother-in-law
seeing my real mother-in-law before the ceremony
spending the morning with the girls getting ready
the sunset
swing dancing with my dad. who knew?
my dress
giant birdhouse
3ft balloons

That's what I've got for now. It's not everything. But when I think of the day I am so happy and just smile because it was so full of happiness. That is exactly what a wedding should feel like. My mom was great the whole day and handled everything with her characteristic calm and laughter. I finally got to meet Jamey's family. One of my favorite memories is hugging each of them in the temple after we were sealed and knowing that they are my family now and the strong bond and love I immediately felt for them. There is a real power to love that I am just beginning to understand.

Since the wedding I am more convinced everyday that I married the best man in the world for me. I've never been a subscriber to the one-and-only philosophy but if there were a person to convince me otherwise it would be Jamey. I'll save that for another post.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Wednesday Will Come

Wednesday will be my last day as a 1st year Pharmacy student. I will take my last final exam at 9:30 in the morning. And it cannot come soon enough. I've been repeating the exhausting questions in my mind,  "Is it Wednesday yet?" "When will it come?" "Why can't it be Wednesday?" I love school, I've enjoyed my program, but I am DONE (but not, bc it's not Wednesday, see the problem?) But it reminded me of a talk by Elder Wirthlin awhile back and so I thought I'd share it. Sunday Will Come. I went back and read it and I have more energy now to continue studying and memorizing pointless conversions for my Calculations exam tomorrow. Its main message is that of the beauty and hope of the Resurrection, but really it says that no matter how bad today is, no matter how long or hard or lonely or depressing or anything, a new day will come and the present will become the past.

Friday, June 3, 2011

happy 2 weeks

In 2 weeks from now I'll be married to Jamey. And I haven't had any second thoughts/guesses/questions/concerns (I know! So not like me!). A lot of people ask us now that it's so close if we're getting scared. But nope. Not at all! Only more and more excited. And I feel more and more lucky everyday that I get to marry him. That's so cheesy and you can all roll your eyeballs if you want but it's true. I lay in bed every night with a huge smile on my face because I can't stop thinking about him and the hundred ways he made me laugh that day. We've both dated a ton and I think it's a beautiful wonderful miracle that it worked out this way for us. I am so grateful for everything I got to experience single and now I am so ready for all that we will experience together. Forever. In 2 weeks. My family still hasn't met him, and I am so excited to introduce them and show him off and make those faces with them behind his back that say, "I know right?? He's good." I know they'll love him. And if they don't, oh darn too late for them to do anything about it! I'm marrying him anyway.