Sunday, August 5, 2012

summer hodge podge

I have a few summer events to catch up on before it's over! (which August 22 = official summer is over for me)

Right when we got back from our Cali trip, Jamey's oldest friend and his wife came for a visit. I love Dan and Maegan! You know, it's a little unnerving to marry someone and have no idea the real history you're marrying into. Jamey and I got hitched with me having only met his mom and one sis, he hadn't met anyone on my side. So I was delighted to find out that I really like hanging with his friends and didn't ever have to fake it. They're  trying to decide where to go for his residency and by golly we did everything in our power to persuade them it was Columbus!

Then as if life couldn't get better, the happiest of happy happened (did that on purpose) and my bro and his little wifey poo came to visit. The real reason was that for Thomas's birthday they were going to see Weezer in Cincinnati and it was cheaper to drive and stay with us than to get a hotel. Just kidding, they love us too. They surprised me when they got in town and showed up at my work and my wonderful man of a boss let me off early. We went down to the Short North for dinner and fancy pants ice cream at Jeni's, played cornhole (it's what you do in C-bus), and celebrated both their birthdays with Costco's amazing chocolate cake. I love food.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

things I notice when I'm alone

I like to cook. It's soothing and relaxing and great thinktime for me. I'm not crafty so much but I like to cook.

As grown up and big girl as I am, I'm still afraid of the dark. Sure, I can sleep on my own but I still walk from room to room turning on each successive light.

I like quiet. I don't like the TV being on for hours or listening to music all day long. It makes me grumpy. If I need some background noise I turn on something instrumental only.

I like to be alone, until I don't. Alone time is crucial for my sanity. I need the recharge. 

I don't actually like to paint my nails. I always say I'll do it when Jamey's gone because he hates the smell, but then when I'm alone I still don't do it. 

I hate bad breath. I brush my teeth first thing in the morning always.

I've become a bit codependent. Things I use to do for myself I don't because I have a husband now to do those things so I shouldn't have to. This is the thing I like the least. 

I miss Gertie.