Monday, March 26, 2012

Cherry Blossoms

I'd like to say that the reason we spent last weekend in DC was to visit family, both of our families. But really it was to see the Cherry Blossoms. And they did not disappoint. I was glad everyone came out, even though some were feeling not so hot, and we all spent the day IN THE SUN with the blossoms. I'm posting pictures now because I just read the guilt trip on Chantelle's blog and figured I'd better. And Spring Break is over which means I should be studying, and suddenly I find the motivation to blog again.

 free cupcake from Sprinkles

it was St. Patrick's Day. Wouldn't you know Thomas & I were the only ones in the entire 10 man group not wearing green? Dang Lymans.

this is how they spent the weekend, together but still only bonding through iPhone games
this is post-discovery of Drawsome

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

my 5 minutes are up

Thanks for listening to me whine. I feel much better now that the last post is up. It has served its carthartic purposes and I can now move on. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to everyone that has already donated to Jamey's Pelotonia fund. He's halfway to his $850!! You guys are awesome. On his rider site it says a committment of $1800 but that's not true, they cut students a break and we only have to fundraise half as much. I am really proud of him for coming up with the ludicrous idea of auctioning his beard and then actually making it a success! His silliness is one of the things I love most about him. We had a really fun time playing with his beard last night before he butchered it. He was a sport and let me take a straight iron to it, even though he was convinced it'd melt the hair right off his chin. I admit, I accidentally scalded his neck, but just once! He was fine after a few deep breaths. And that's the reason I was up until midnight. We were laughing and having so much fun. He posted the pics to facebook but I don't care I'm double posting.

when a great week turns just fabulous

Start off with it being finals week. Oh the joy. Get a kidney stone, even better. Go to the clinic (accompanied by your devilishly handsome husband in a suit and white socks) and have the doc prescribe you Percocet, aka happy pills. Do not take any happy pills because you won't be able to study for said finals. Suck it up with Motrin. Add uncharacteristic beautiful sunshine, but remember you can't move to go outside and enjoy it, and even if you could- you have to study. Go to bed at a decent hour the night before your first tests (midnight) and lay there hopelessly trying to fall asleep until after 5 in the morning. Wake up 1.5 hours later to make it to your 8:30 test. Remember as you're pulling into the parking lot the test isn't until 9:30 and lament the extra missed hour of unconsciousness. When you get home, go ahead and shut your finger in the door. It feels real nice. And finally, with everything going so well, your husband now looks like this (and loves it):

Such a delight, really. It's a wonderful week and we're only 1/2 way done!

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Beard

My husband has not shaved in 6+ months. It's time. And true to his nature, he's made a bit of a game out of it. Pelotonia is a big deal here at THE Ohio State University and raises millions of dollars every year for cancer research. Jamey is joining in for the 100 mile bike ride and as his first fundraiser he is allowing whoever will to donote and vote for how he will look for the rest of March. The contest starts today, like right now, and will end at noon on Wednesday the 18th.

Here's his details

How should I trim/shave my beard? I haven't shaved for 6+ months. To earn money for Pelotonia (100% goes to cancer research), I'm letting people vote as to how I should shave my beard. For every $5 that you donate to my pelotonia fund, you get to cast a vote of one of the 8 styles in the picture. Go to and donate as much as you would like. Under the donor recognition put which number you want to vote for (you can include your name as well). I'll count up the votes Wednesday March 14 at noon. I'll then shave however you voted for and keep it that way for the rest of the month.

And thank you in advance!