Friday, April 29, 2011

after midnight confessions

Sometimes (basically every night) I have a hard time going to sleep. Not falling asleep, but going to sleep. I can be perfectly exhausted (like right now) and still not be able to pull myself away from my computer, my study notes, a good book...I finish the task on my to-do list that I've told myself I'd finish and then go to bed, but then I look at the clock (or not, whatever) and think "Oh I'll just do this one more" or I'll just wander aimlessly through my computer, organizing folders and rearranging icons. Pointless hubbub. But I feel like while I'm awake I should do something and as long as my body's not shutting down on me (which it'll do, no matter how hard I try sometimes I can't even finish a thought before my body's said ENOUGH and overruns my harddrive to turn me off) I should be productive. If my body says there's some energy left, then I just sap it til it's dry. So it's not insomnia, because I can sleep- but I just won't. What's that called?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The one downside to warmer weather

This is just another reason Jamey & I are great together. We both hate shaving.

I was not one of those teenage girls that couldn't wait to start shaving in middle school and snuck behind her mom's back with a razor (though I did sneak the mascara a couple of times and ended up with some awesome black eyes). The summer before 8th grade, my cousin Amanda convinced me that whether or not I liked it, I had to do it. BUT WHY??? They're blonde! But she didn't care. And so I did.  Luckily I'm not a hairy beast so I can go awhile before it becomes noticeable. They are still soft and blonde. My roommates called me The Hairless Wonder. Usually, I don't shave all winter (my little legs are always in pants or tights- no point) On my mission, I went the entire 1st YEAR without shaving. I would've gone longer but Day wanted to witness the event so it was my gift to her. I mean, I like the feel of shaved legs, but how do people shave EVERY MORNING??? I don't even shower that often so forget about getting me to shave!

And Jamey looks good with some (or more) facial hair. A lot of my friends are decidedly opposed to facial hair on men, and ya...some guys just can't do it and that's fine. But Jamey looks good. Mmmhmm.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Can you OD on Peek-a-boo?

I loved this weekend, but I'm tired. It was Jamey's spring break (not mine unfortunately) and so we took off to PA on Thursday for some adventures. I spent Thursday night and all day Friday with my friends Nicole & Tyler and their one-year-old boy (seriously, one-year-old, it was his birthday!) while Jamey spent the time shadowing a surgeon friend of his. They took me to Pamela's for lunch where I ENJOYED chocolate chip & banana filled hotcakes.

(once upon a time, this couple enjoyed them too)

Saturday we took off early morning & made it to Hershey. Jamey didn't believe me that's where HERSHEY'S CHOCOLATE was made, but then he had to eat his words. We stayed with another girlfriend of mine and her hubby, Nancy & Scott, and their 1+ year-old little girl. They took our engagement pictures!! And they did a marvelous job. I can't wait to see the finished product! I had a lot of fun playing with all the kiddos & talking & relaxing & laughing with my friends. I've already begged Jamey if we can please please please go again. & I enjoyed all the time I got to spend with Jamey. Funny how you  can begin to miss someone when you only see them for a couple of hours almost everyday. ha

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Birthday

April 6th is a special day for Mormons. It is the day our Church was founded in 1830. And, since this is where I served my mission, giving tours of the historical sites where the sacred events occurred, it's extra special to me. This is the Whitmer Farm, the hidden treasure of the Sites. It's a 40 minute drive out from Palmyra but so worth it. It's a little more serene and peaceful (at least for the missionaries!) and amazing things happened here. I'm looking forward to visiting again this summer. I am grateful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Today's also an early Happy Birthday to my Laura lady. Her birthday is actually May 6th, not April 6th, but the 1st year we were friends I could never remember it and always thought it was today and she'd get so mad at me! Now it's funny.

The Pear-Apple

or is it apple-pear??

Either way it's delicious & you should go over to Costco or Sam's and pick up a yummy crate.

and it's not a hybrid like some of my other favorites (the pluot, tangelo, or grapple) it's its own real fruit

Monday, April 4, 2011

Mind wanderer

It's like the plague. And I can't escape it. I get enough sleep at night, I go to class, I take out my notes & highlighter and pens, I try to stay engaged. I think I'm doing so well. And then I hear the class around me flipping the page & that's when I come back to reality. I don't know how to fix it, because it's not like I'm falling asleep, I just zone out and think about more interesting things. Like my wedding and honeymoon and what's for dinner or the next time I'll talk to my best friend and what I'll tell her.