Monday, November 29, 2010


 my happy little tree

Chantelle's tree. Her star looks like bug antennae he he he

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas tree in a box

I got home from my Thanksgiving vacation this evening ready to do everything Christmas, but my efforts got me as far as Pandora Christmas music as I unpacked & cleaned. So not cutting it. I wanted lights, popcorn, cinnamon & pine smells, and a TREE. I took Miss Gertie on a walk & stopped by the mailbox. My most amazing brother sent me this lovely gift in the mail. Yep, my eyes totally filled with tears when I opened it. I was that happy. I was really excited about the gift, but mostly happy that my big brother totally gets me & knows how to put the best smiles on my face.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Visitors Welcome

Just look at that hunk of baby goodness. This is Caleb, he belongs to Nicole (& Tyler...) They came to Columbus today & I was the lucky girl that got to spend a whole 3 hours with them! I've been smiling ever since. Nicole is such a great friend & is really good at giving me perspective. & I got to meet her son, finally, after stalking the cutest pictures of the tyke for the past 7 months (& yes, those blue eyes are as brilliant in person as they are on film) He was so soft & squishy & smiley that I couldn't keep my hands off him. All in all, a perfect Saturday: sunshine, just shy of 70 degrees, and the best company I could ask for. Hope to see you again soon!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I cheated

Yesterday, I got really excited for Christmas. Thanksgiving is typically my favorite holiday so I never do anything Christmas until the day after because I don't want to overshadow it. I'm not sure if it's because I'm not spending Thanksgiving with my family this year & so I'm looking that much more forward to Christmas, or if it's that crisp autumn chill, scarves, sweaters, and boots that are now my main wardrobe, or what...but yesterday I went to the mall and was so happy to see everything Christmas-y. It was wonderful. And I went in to Bath and Body Works & was giddy, that's not normal for me. But they have the most festive little holiday goodies & a yummy new smell, Secret Wonderland. AND last night I was making cookies but got 1/2way thru the recipe only to find I didn't have any baking I got in the car & started flipping thru the radio stations & 93.3 is already doing non-stop Christmas music. Usually I wouldn't have listened yet, but instead I turned it up!!!

Now I want lights, a little tree, and those yummy cinnamon smelling pinecones...just a few more weeks!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

T9Word, you done me wrong

Everyone says that spell-check is making the general population dumber. That may be. But I reached a new low today. I am sitting here (bored out of my mind by the way) writing a history paper on The Evolution of Pharmaceutical Care, and as I type long words like pharmaceutical, practitioner, pharmacist, commitment, etc over & over again, I find I'm slightly miffed that I actually have to type the whole word out & that Word doesn't just guess & provide me with it. Definitely a new level of lazy.

Monday, November 1, 2010


I can't believe I just realized this for the 1st time. Stressed = desserts spelled backward! Which is really perfect since all I want to do after a stressful day is come home & eat something sweet & yummy that will make all the bad things happy (remember Wendy's Wednesdays?) & that's what happened today. I had a very stressful day, following a tiring weekend, & a stressful last week. I was so happy tonight to put everything aside/behind & go with Courtney to see Ace of Cakes LIVE!!! w/Duff & Geoff. It was perfect. & there was cake.