Thursday, March 31, 2011

Something Extraordinary

At the very 1st meeting of the Relief Society, President Emma Smith said, "We are going to do something extraordinary." And I'm a part of that. I am one member (of over 6 million in 170 countries) of one of the oldest & largest women's organizations in the world! That is humbling & inspiring. (How can something be both? It is what it is.)

We had our ward Relief Society Birthday Party tonight. It was so much fun, complete with delicious food & better friends. I am a firm believer that women need women, & I am so grateful to have this Organization to associate with such wonderful girls that inspire me & laugh with me & to just enjoy their company & friendship. To think I moved out to Ohio knowing NO ONE, & now have such a fantastic network of women to share faith & fun with. I am blessed.

*This is a great little article (by Sheri Dew) on the history and purpose of Relief Society. Fantastic.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dare you not to laugh

My cousin just had twins. I hope they do this.


Welcome to today.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's time. I'm ready.

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"
-Robin Williams (who else?)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Quick Question

Why are quesadillas delicious? Really. I love them. No matter what mood I'm in. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Plain cheese, with beans, any veggies in my fridge. Doesn't matter. Always good. Crispy from a pan, or just heated up in a microwave. They will always hit the spot. They will always make me happy.

Friday, March 25, 2011

When Jamey met Addie

(it's a long one, but you asked for it)
Sunday 19 Sept: It was my 1st Sunday in my new ward. Jamey sat behind me in Sacrament meeting & he remembers thinking, "Hmm...that girl has nice hair, but I bet her face isn't that pretty." I guess he didn't want to get his hopes up. We met offically in the hallway. He was talking with another guy and when I walked by he stopped midsentence and started talking to me instead. Not awkward at all. We walked together to Relief Society/Priesthood & he got my number before we parted ways.

That next week: He texts me and invites me to a bunch of things & I decline them all. My family was still in town & I was doing a lot of my 1st week Pharmacy School stuff & just didn't make the time.

Saturday 25 Sept: Our I liked him. We traipsed around campus after the game even though he had a test he was supposed to be studying for (story of our lives)

That next week: more texting, a few surprise meetings on campus. My girlfriends & I saw him in the parking lot one day & when I ran to meet up with them they turned & said, "Who was that? He's hot Addie! You need to date him!" I told them all no.

Sunday 3 Oct: General Conference. We spent the full day together, our 1st of many all-dayers. Also, the 1st time we cuddled and held hands (under the blankets of course) I remember laughing a lot that day.

Wednesday 6 Oct: Remember this day? While my girl was in the hospital, Jamey & I had our 1st kiss.

The next 2 months: I deny that I'm totally falling for him. I talk myself in & out of everything. I still go out with other guys. I talk to my friends back home about why this is crazy. And yet, I always end up with him.

Wed 24-28 Nov: After a little convincing, I spend Thanksgiving with Jamey & his family in Palmyra (where his mom is serving her mission) & we have our 1st "DTR" in the Johnson's home. It consisted of my saying, "Nuh-uh! I haven't gone out with another guy in 2 weeks! I'm only dating you."

The next while: I have a lot of fun letting myself fall in love.

Christmas Break: miss Jamey like crazy. That was a new experience for me, I usually have more of the, "I like you & all, but I'm with my family & I'll see you when I get back" attitude. We talked almost everyday, if we didn't talk, we texted. Jamey ran out of minutes.

Wed 29 Dec: Jamey came back early from his Christmas vacation in Palmyra to be the one to pick me up from the airport. That evening, he told me he loved me. (and I said it back)

Fri 21 Jan: Fly to Orlando for a weekend getaway. Downtown Disney & Universal Studios, most importantly: HARRY POTTER LAND!!! It really was magical. I love butterbeer.

Sun 23 Jan: Wake up early early early & drive an hour to Daytona Beach to watch the sunrise. HE PROPOSES! Right there, with the entire beach to ourselves, the sun just above the horizon, & me completely caught by surprise. One of the most perfect moments of my life.

And that's our story. -ish.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm into braids

this is the one I'm sportin today, the fishtail

Spring Break

This is the 1st Spring Break I've had since high school. I haven't known what to do with myself. So, I've done nothing. And LOVED it. I wake up on time still, between 6 and 7 am everyday per usual. But then, I smile as I look at my clock and roll over. I close my eyes and do not open them again until about 9. I think that is one of the supreme feelings in the whole wide world. Waking up, realizing you don't need to be awake and out of bed for any good reason (except for some self-satisfaction of not being a slug, but for a week long break, who cares?), and simply going back to sleep. I'm going to enjoy it now because once I'm married and then we start our family, I'm sure these days are going to be few and far between. I remember when my Mom used to stay in bed on Saturday mornings, when she could. Dad would tell me not to disturb her, but that just sent me to her room quicker. Why would she want to stay in bed when she could be watching cartoons or playing Barbies with me?? It made no sense then. Now, Mom, I'm sorry I didn't let you indulge a little more.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I had a dream last night that I owned the cutest pair of peep-toe shoes. They were cream with a red cheetah pattern (I know it sounds weird, & I don't even own anything cheetah print but that is what they were) and now I WANT them. I wore a pair of gray sneakers today instead, kind of a let-down.

these aren't them, but they look FUN

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I miss this boy

I want his hugs & kisses & cuddles & laughter.
That's all.

PS-I have to post this one too because he's just too dang cute
I can't get  enough of him

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Let's go fly a kite!

I've been studying the past 2 days straight gearing up for finals. Jamey's been studying with me, which means he's been sitting at the kitchen table playing Words with Friends with his notebook and laptop in front of him. He took pity on me today and around 6:00 went to Kmart and picked up the best sunshine-windy day present- a KITE! He got Transformers for him and Little Mermaid for me. I was so happy! So we took a 1/2 hour study break, picked up Gertie, and went to the park!

Gert kind of got Ariel tangled up so Jamey gave me his and fixed mine.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Gertie spent the day at the salon. She got shampooed and blow-dryed, mani/pedi, and a new 'do. And now she's all pampered out! She's hardly lifted her head since being home & is just cuddling close while I study. It's a tough life.

And now it's my turn to be pampered. I just got an email (among the millions) from David's Bridal and I (moi, me) have been selected as


Things like this never happen to me so I was pretty darn excited. I am now eligible for 2 (!) Mary Kay pampering sessions. 

Don't mind if I do!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

As you know

Spring is starting to peek her head out. But with everyone's excitement I guess she's a little shy & we scared her off. But I've been enjoying the earlier sunrises, the blue skies, and the remains of once green grass. Gertie likes the long walks she gets and splashing through the puddles.

We took her on a run the other day. Or I guess she took us on one is more accurate. She pulls on that leash so hard that Jamey gets a run and bicep workout all in one. Jamey's a punk & made us run 6 miles (don't worry, it's just double my max length ever in my life) Gertie of course couldn't have been happier. As for me, I was concentrating on not having an asthma attack.

Now he's fond of saying, "You ran 1/2 a 1/2 marathon no problem. You could so train for the one in May." (something like that, it sounds a little girly to come out of his mouth verbatim but you get an idea) My reply is usually along the lines of...Not Likely.