Sunday, December 4, 2011

thoughts about us

Jamey thinks it's weird that girls go to the bathroom with their pants still around their thighs. I don't understand why you'd drop them all the way down to the ankles.

Jamey knows how to push my buttons, all of them, at the same time. Then he pretends to be confused when I snap.

We both like to do nice things for each other. But only if it was our idea first and the other person doesn't suggest it before we do. Then we just stay on the couch or pretend to be busy on the internet.

Jamey likes to listen to books, I like to actually read them. When we listen on car drives I fall asleep. Even though it's expected, he gets sassy when I ask him to catch me up.

Jamey makes funny faces in the mirror and cracks himself up. I laugh with him.

I like to cook. But I like it better when Jamey cooks.

I'm the first one out of bed every morning. But I don't shower everyday. Jamey showers every day, and makes the bed.

Jamey loves strategy board games. I would rather play Jenga or Sorry. We both like Battleship.

I could watch the same movie a zillion times (one that I like). Jamey watches a movie once and calls it good. When I suggest a movie we've seen he'll say, "but we just watched that one last year." I don't see the problem.

Jamey loves to snack on gummies and most all candies. He shares with his friends. I prefer kettle potato chips. I bought a bag once and hid it from him.