Monday, January 31, 2011

Who is Jamey Price?

A. Tom Selleck wanna-be

B. Science nerd

C. Crazy Person

D. My fiance

*Hint: The most correct answer is D.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


So I was feeling kinda lame that I did 2 weather posts in a row.
This guy should liven things up.

Last night, I went to listen to the one and only Dr. Patch Adams - maybe you've heard of him? seen the movie? I remember watching it with my Grandpa Heaton & him just giggling the whole way through  (have I mentioned that I love my new school & all the cool events they host? FOR FREE?) It was a mostly hilarious evening, & it felt good to laugh with friends. He mentioned the movie was very TAME in portraying what actually went on in the early days of the clinic. There was nothing they didn't make funny, going as far as to hold "Barf-alongs w/Bulemics!" He loves fart sounds in public, fake poop, he owns the largest pair of underwear in the world, & thoroughly enjoys going through airport security.

Welcome to Thursday

The alarm was no match for my stubbornness this morning. I decidedly snoozed for an entire hour. It's a snow day. A 4 inch snow day (atleast). It's a ponytail, thermals, boots, fleece, big heavy coat, scarf & gloves snow day. Black ice, slow traffic, careless pedestrians, slush, and a late afternoon quiz to top off the day for me. Maybe I'll treat myself to some Starbucks caramel apple cider on my way home. That will be nice.

the view outside the library (part of the Horseshoe, if you care)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Warm Spell

It's warm enough to rain. When I took Gertie out before school this morning at 6 am, the fact that it was warm enough to rain made it ok that I was out of my bed and had to go to school and study and do a million things I'd rather not. Because it was warm enough to rain, I didn't have to scrape frost/ice/snow off my windows so I could take the extra 3 minutes and eat breakfast in my apartment instead of my car. Because it was warm enough to rain I got to listen to the steady drizzle outside all day and didn't mind being in with my books. I love warm, even if it's just relative.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Who knew studying could be so fun?

Today was my study day. I was up and going by 8:30. I have successfully taken Gertie on 3 walks in the snow, made homemade lima bean soup (my 1st time, it's not quite like Mom's but didn't turn out too bad either), watched 2 movies, ran 2.5 miles (my toes went numb, I think from the cold?), showered, shampooed my carpets again, took out the trash, made buttermilk pie, did the dishes-twice, talked on the phone, caught up with the latest-and-greatest on Facebook, finished off my Chinese leftovers, organized my closet, painted my nails, returned a few emails, and did some online window shopping.

Oh, you didn't see "study" on that list? Weird.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

off to a good start

One of my New Year's goals (though I didn't write it down because it still intimidates me & so if it's not written then I'm not actually committed just in case I decide to back out...) was to be better with technology. Elder Perry counseled the Las Vegas YSA at a fireside this summer to not be left behind with it all. So, ok. I finally got around to replacing my ink cartridges last night in my printer (the alert has only been going off for a month is all) & it broke. I swear it had to be an easy fix so I got online & was doing the whole "Hey look at me go" thing feeling good about myself for trying out my skittish goal. & nothing. I spent 40 minutes with it...& nothing. Well poop. So much for that.

As a bonus I participated in a study for the School of Optometry today, & they put a few dyes in my eyes. The tech rinsed them out for me at the end & told me she got 90% of the dye flushed out (like that was a good thing?) The other 10% was still holding fast to a few dry spots on my eyeballs. Yep, I was the cool kid walking around with bright fluorescent green eyeballs.  Nice.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I can't bring myself to do the New Years post. And I can't really think of anything clever to tell you all about. But I have a feeling my sweet Grandma Brown is wondering if I'm alive and well.

This is her, isn't she cute?

So hello! My update is that I'm happy, healthy, & hopeful in Ohio.