Saturday, May 14, 2011


That's my cousin Tyler. And that's my wedding dress he's holding!! THAT'S IT!! RIGHT THERE! Is he not the coolest 14 year old ever? Thank you Rachelle for dragging your boys down to St. George to pick this up for me today!! And thank you Tyler for not being a too-cool teenager to hold it up for a picture, even though your voice has dropped 3 octaves, you've grown about 10 feet, and you play football. I love you.

When they brought the dress in the car, her youngest son, Nate, he's like 5 I'm pretty sure, asked "Is that Addie in the bag?" Rachelle told him that no, it was just my dress. He said, "Oh. Well it looks like it's her body." ah ha ha ha Sorry Nate that your mom isn't in the business of transporting occupied body bags, though I'm sure that'd be much cooler than a wedding dress to your oh-so-boy mind.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

So I got a White Coat

...well...another white coat. OSU School of Pharmacy for some reason is crazy and does the White Coat Ceremony at the end of the year instead of the beginning, so all 140 of us students had to buy a white coat at the beginning of the year because we needed one for all of our rotations during our first year, and then the alumni kindly give us another now. Silly? Yes. I'm grateful and all, but any way I look at it there is no sense. Unless I look at it from the School's perspective that they got to rip $35 x 140 off their incoming class. But here are some pictures. Enjoy.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Grumpy Face

I got mad today. Legitimately angry. I was pacing. I had no words.

I put in Mama Mia because the music usually makes me happy, but this time it did little to calm my temper. UNTIL I heard Pierce Brosnan (who I met once, did you know that? yep, I have a picture with his arm around me) trying to sing. It gets me every time.

Monday, May 2, 2011


So when I started my blog it was because it'd been something I wanted to try out and my roomies basically hog-tied me one morning and did it all for me. That was a fun morning. Lately, my relationship with the blog has been a little lackluster. When my friend Laura found out I'd started a blog she made fun of me to no end! She was just returning the favor really, since that's what I'd done the year or so before when I found out she'd joined the married Mormon world and started one herself. Oh the mocking we enjoyed! By the time mine was up & running she'd let hers go. Now I'm kind of seeing why.

Laura described it well the other day.

"I feel like there's a pressure with blogs to be witty and tell all your innermost thoughts in an artful way.  Definitely don't have time/brainpower for that"


I said in my 1st post that I didn't know what sort of outlet this blog would be for me, but I'm thinking it's in an evolving phase right now. I'm just not enjoying mine as much as others', like my soon-to-be-sister-in-law or Day-o. Those 2 are funny. And they should have blogs.