Friday, July 30, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Too true

So I know the whole urbandictionary thing was way overdone a few months ago, but one of the definitions for me is so spot-on accurate it makes me laugh.

ad-die add-dee -noun. Death for all mechanical devices or apparatuses she happens to come into contact with.

Seriously, I think someone I know submitted this definition.

Bathroom Decor

Since I'm a big girl now & have my own place (well signed my own lease, even if I haven't quite moved in yet) I have been having a ball DECORATING! (please imagine saying the word decorating with the verbal equivalent of jazz hands)

But I am stumped on my bathroom.

How do you decorate a bathroom?? The options are minimal. I didn't want to do blue because, hello? how unoriginal is that? What's in a bathroom? Water. it should be blue, or seafoam, or the like? And I hate seashells so count all that out. And yellow? NO WAY! Why don't I just make it look like there's pee all over the floor with a nice pale yellow mat? No thank you. Unfortunately, I've just about covered all the typical options out there. I found some awesome towels that I fell in love with that are brown, with blue. So now the dilemma-do I go blue for the accessories?? To go brown  towels, mats, shower curtain seems so dark & I can't go cream because that's the color of the counters & it would just look bleh. So I'm back to blue, exactly what I pledged I wouldn't do.

Life is just so hard.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hold still

We took to the mountains last night for a picnic. Silly me, I wanted to take a few pics. Whether they were the subjects or the photographers, these 2 Baby Boomers were hopeless.

Mom's attempt

Jeff's attempt

self-timer. I kept yelling "Don't move til after the 2nd flash!!"

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tourist in my home town

No, I didn't wear the mega-camera around my neck, or sport rad Mickey Mouse ears, but I DID have a fabulous time with one of my best friends doing a little non-traditional Vegas sight-seeing.

oh ya! we went to the Pawn Shop (AS SEEN ON TV!!)
unfortunately, no Chum Lee

got a pic with the mortar though! that was the 1st episode I saw

Bre w/her homies. she runs w/a mixed crowd...

in all my 25 years, this is my 1st pic with this sign. thanks Bre

after many failed attempts I finally introduced Bre to Luv-itz

best frozen custard that only the locals know about

Other activities included swimming, shopping (ahem), seeing Eclipse (a silly tradition for us), eating (a favorite pastime for sure), Redbox, and laughing nonstop. Sorry we missed you Ash, but thanks Bre for the fun!!

Monday, July 12, 2010


Yes. I am here! Not for good, but for now. I found my apartment today & did some sight-seeing as well. Here are some pics because I know you're just dying to see! Everything is so GREEN, & I've decided that I MUST invest in a bike to fully enjoy my 4 years.

my new apartment!! BEAUTIFUL!

driving w/Uncle Tom...I forgot I'd zoomed the camera ha

a nice drive-by of my soon-to-be school

the Children's Hospital where I hope to work/intern

Uncle Tom & the Columbus, OH LDS Temple

the beautiful campus & 1 of its future students!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A shaved schnoodle

My poor Gertie's been sheared!! It's SOOOO sad!! She's been so hot in this Las Vegas summer that we thought we'd be nice & lighten her load a bit. I took her to the groomer telling them I want to keep her schnauzer face with a trim everywhere else. I made a point of telling them not to let her look stupid as she's cute as a button now. This is what I got.

What were they thinking??? After taking a few minutes to laugh uncontrollably, I made them take that mess off the rest of her. I mean, did they seriously think I would subject her to a life looking this way??

So now my pup looks like a little sheared lamb, & I've taken to calling her lambchop. Her face is still as cute as ever though.

I guess every kid needs at least 1 bad haircut, right?