Saturday, April 13, 2013

warm bodies

ohmygosh. Jamey and I have had such a fun day - the best part being this movie. I am not a zombie girl. I don't watch zombie shows or play zombie video games. I don't like them. I know they are the most fake thing in the world but still they creep me out and are just gross. But I loved this movie. Granted, I had to close my eyes a couple times, but it was hilarious. And then I found these posters online and laughed all over again. So clever. One of Jamey's sisters (I suck that I can't remember which) shared this song with us months ago and we love it and sing it to each other and pretty sure that's what this movie is based on.

PS - still no way I'm ever watching The Walking Dead. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

spring break whirlwind

Now that I'm looking through my pictures, I have more to share. Whoopee! It's nice to see I'm not as boring as I started the day out thinking. Jamey and I had one overlapping weekend of our spring breaks (isn't it dumb that we go to the same university but don't have the same vacations? I think so) and we took a drive down to DC to see my brother and his wifey. We had a lot of fun because it was the first gorgeous weekend of the year so we went out and about all over the place. But it was also so nice to just come home at night and chill with them and be with family.

(Ok so this was the creepiest thing ever and I still don't understand it. We went to the top of the Old Post Office and on one of the window panels there were these little child's handprints, on the outside of the pane. We still cannot come up with a reasonable explanation for them. It's like 300 ft high!)

it's time

...for a new post. I was doing so well but now I'm sick of looking at the same thing when I get on. Jamey is in Iowa (who goes to Iowa??) and I'm home alone so maybe I'll just put up some pictures of him since he's so nice to look at.

The first one makes me want to have his babies and hope they'll look just like him because he is so lovable. The middle is from his Championship Intramural Hockey game where they WON!! And the last is from his latest Intramural Innertube Waterpolo game. I love how is body is all splayed out and he's so into the game. He's such a fun husband.