Sunday, September 18, 2011

to us

Today is the middle of 2 anniversaries. Yesterday was our 3-month-married-anniversary (we celebrated by watching 2 football games and both my teams lost miserably) & tomorrow is our 1-year-knowing-each-other-anniversary (I'll celebrate that by learning how to stick people with needles. ich)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Painting Pains

Have I mentioned my husband loves me? So much that I surrender the love you more game to him this month. We painted our house last weekend. Twice. Once because I wanted to lighten it up and twice because I hated the first color (or non-color, it was like primer). I was a girl and come downstairs Saturday morning and cried. I tried to make the best of it but at 5:45pm Jamey was on his way back to Lowe's for the Labor Day weekend discount to buy us some new paint. We started round 2 at 9pm and finished a little after 2am. Our home is now "breezy" and I love it. 

the home we started with 
(taken apart to paint but I didn't think to grab a pic til after)

 this was an AWFUL mirror (as you can see) that I was fed up with. I pried the 1st panel off not knowing what to expect and then Jamey used his manly strength to finish it off.
it was seriously the highlight of our weekend..

 already feeling a little painter's remorse

then  jamey scolded me & told me to have a good attitude & I tried

 jamey getting all the high hard places

 round 2. that smile is for real.

So as you can see...back to blue. But a lighter fresher (Jamey's says girlier) blue. I also painted all the doors white white & they look so good! Jamey repainted most of our ceilings & I painted our stairrail black & love it. And yesterday Jamey took some time off studying and we painted our hallway. It looked like a diluted pee yellow and we both decided it must go. And away it went! And we both love our home now. (I'm sure I'll get around to taking/posting pics of the finished project sometime)

The end.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Labor Day

Yay! A 3 day weekend! It was eventful, a little too much so. But it ended on a very high note with Cedar Point. I love roller coasters and we had a blast. It was a little chilly, windy, and overcast, but it wasn't busy and the longest line we stood in was an hour. Well, 2 hours if you count the Dragster. We were seated within 30 minutes I'd guess. We got to the launch pad and then there was that mechanical turning off sound, I don't know how to write it on here. But it's a very depressing noise. We waited I'd guess about 40 minutes and then it turned on! Hooray! After 4 mechanics came and worked on it. But, then it started to sprinkle and they wouldn't let us go. So we waited another 10-15 and then away we went! At 120 mph in 4 seconds! Amazing. Here's our story in pictures.

We went with some friends, the Robinetts. They have a little carrottop that we watched while they'd ride some thrillers. Cedar Point had this awesome Parent Swap pass so when we'd get off the ride we just hand the conductors a slip of paper and then they'd get to come up through the exit and ride immediately. Genius. So this was Jamey's attempt at babysitting. 

And then as if the day couldn't get any better! On our way out Jamey paid $1 and won me my Minion from The Claw. He used expert precision and got it on the 1st try. I was so proud. And then we ducked our heads and hurried out because there was a little girl trying at the booth next to us and we didn't want to share. We're horrible people.