Friday, March 19, 2010


I've found that I go through phases of how I like to eat my eggs...

As a child, the only way I would ever consider eating them is scrambled covered in ketchup.

Then, one night something got into my mom and me because we wanted fried eggs?? Actually, what we were trying to do is to boil water and then crack the egg into the water and take it out still whole...after going through 10 of the 12 eggs in the carton and wrecking them all!...we decided on fried eggs with our waffles and juice (I think it was close to midnight by the time we actually ate!)

So that was my fried egg phase. I'd come home from school and make a fried egg sandwich (sometimes with bacon...mmm...) a couple days a week.

On the mission, Sister Day taught me how to do the eggs in water ones (really she just made them for me becuase I still could never get the hang of em) She called them some sort of sailor name that I can't remember right now...

And NOW, I am on a run with eggs Sunny Side Up or Over-easy....whatever they're called.
I like them to have the yolk runny for dipping my sourdough and rye toast in...soooooo good! This is just funny to me that I am loving these because in the 7th grade I would spend the night at my friend's quite a bit and her Peruvian mother would make me these kind of eggs and I thought nothing could be more gross.

I think perceptions change tastebuds more than taste changes them.

That is all. Happy breakfast to everyone!

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