Monday, May 27, 2013

bye bye frog

When we got back from DC Jamey decided we needed to hold a mini-memorial service for our frog. The Mangums had been taking care of him while we were gone and had put him in this jello box for a coffin. Jamey made the video I posted last week and we set off some roman candles in the the street (I think the entire night was just so the boys had an excuse to shoot those). And then we buried him in our front lawn under his rock from his tank. I must say I am glad we didn't flush him. Since I was little and I learned people just flush their dead fish I've been so grossed out by it. 

Master T

I spent the best weekend in Washington DC. My older brother graduated with his Masters of Accountancy and Jamey and I drove down for the weekend to celebrate. It was a fast 3 days but very well spent. We traipsed all around the city (National Mall, Library of Congress, Botanical Gardens, Air & Space Museum), ate so much food (I gained 4 pounds our first day, then decided to stay away from the scale), saw the new Star Trek, and watched quite a bit of Arrested Development. Perfect weekend getaway.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Flagella - our frogboy

Flagella passed away Saturday May 18th. We were in DC and he was staying with the Mangums. We were sorry not to be here for him but know he was well taken care of. We'll miss you little guy!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Tonight after dinner Jamey said, "You know there's this guy with the Professional Schools...he teaches cooking classes. We should go take some." How's that for a subtle hint at my cooking?

I am ALL DONE with my core pharmacy classes. ALL DONE. It's surreal. No more didactic lectures. No more late night cramming and early morning study sessions. My studying typically consisted of going through all the notes and making my own notes/highlights. Then the night before I'd pace for hours trying to log all the information in my mind and overhauling my short term memory. I'd usually give out around midnight or 1 am and then set my alarm for 3:30 and study til 6 and then sleep til 7 then get up and go to school to take my test. And it's OVER now! No more! I'm so happy. I really cannot believe that phase of my life is good and done. In a year from now I will be an honest-to-goodness Pharmacist with an actual paycheck. That will be a great day.

We've been going for a lot of bike rides. I'll need to see if I can still do no-hands.

I stopped by the pool today, and it's full to the brim with water. It'll be open in no time.

And....that's all I've got.