Wednesday, March 3, 2010

1/4 of a century and feelin great

I've decided I really like being 25 (weird as that still seems) because of a few significant perks. I mean, I could go the cheesy route and list 25 reasons why being 25 is great! but I'll spare you. Here are my tops:

I am now in posession of one of these beauties

that's right, eat your heart out! (Thanks Grandma!!!)

I definitely feel in control of my life. That probably has less to do with being 25 and more to do with all the prep work I did while I was 24, but I'm counting it.

I finally have my all-time, hands-down, FAVORITE show

I first read the play my Senior year of high school, watched the movie, and have seen 3 versions of the play. I LOVE IT!!! (Thanks amazing roomies!!)

And I just wake up every day feeling GOOD. That right there is worth it. I'm glad I've had 25 amazing years to live life so pleasantly and with so much satisfaction.

I am so blessed and, ok, here's the cheesy part, I'm really looking forward to making the next 25 years amazing as well.


Nicole Johansen said...

Happy (late) birthday Addie!! Glad you had a good day!

AEJones said...


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday, girlie!!!!! Also, on that list of things you can do at 25---- You can officially rent a car!!!!YAY!! Doesn't that make you feel so special??? I did me when I turned 25! Hope you had a great birthday!

Michelle said...

What I meant to say was "IT did me when I turned 25", not"I did me when I turned 25."haha