Wednesday, October 6, 2010


eXamine Your Zipper

This is one mishap I feel really levels the playing field for all social classes, it can happen to anyone. It's happened to you, it's happened to me, & we've all snickered & pointed at a plethora of people caught unawares.

I was at a Career Fair last night, made a stop in the restroom, &  came out with my fly down. When I realized it, I giggled. It made the evening that much more exciting (& let's be honest, a Pharmacy Career Fair can use some excitement.)

But when do you tell someone what you've noticed, & when do you not? I stand on the ALWAYS TELL side, but having large groups of people around doesn't make for the best venue. It goes right along with letting someone know there's a booger hanging out of their nose or something green still in their teeth.


Michelle said...

You make me laugh! I just love ya!

Nancy said...

Yes. Always tell! I love that you are a state away! Want to join us for Thanksgiving?