Thursday, October 28, 2010

2 girls, a car, & some sleep deprivation

In the pursuit of being a "good student" I've been successfully neglecting the rest of my life. I'm happy to say I think it has paid off as I've finally felt relief leaving an exam rather than the usual post-test anxiety. I'll tell you though that I thought it a cruel irony I was sitting up late 2 nights in a row studying the physical & psychological benefits of SLEEP

1. Body's time of repair
2. Time for consolidation of learned information
3. Dreams are of psychological and/or emotional importance


I resolved to take the day off  (once I took my last exam...that I may or may not have nearly fallen asleep in. It was so hard to focus on all those printed words!!) The day got better when I told Jamie I'd help her with her car. Ya, 2 girls taking care of a car...we should've known. We met Donny at Auto Zone who told us it was the alternator, not the battery. Doug gave us a jump after we looked for an hour in the cold for the battery leads under my hood (for some reason Saturn thought it'd be fun to stick the actual battery in the trunk? Not funny.) The negative lead is nowhere to be found still, even after calling the dealership. We ended up taking her car to Dave at Japanese Autocare (that's a story for another day!) They are now fondly referred to as our 3D's & we secretly love them all.

Then we came home & watched The Holiday, which always makes me feel like it'd be a lovely idea to kiss the next man that knocks on my door...


Benjamin Cragun said...

knock knock...

bunkbuddies said...

The Holiday gets me every time. Speaking of which, it's been too long since I've watched it. I better change that pronto.
You're darling! Hang in month until Christmas!!