Monday, October 18, 2010

President Obama

President & 1st lady Obama came to The Oval last night. I went to watch/listen. It was my 1st time ever seeing a US President in person, a little surreal. A group headed over after Church & waited for 2 hours listening to all the Democratic propaganda...some amusing, some frustrating to me. I sat on the blanket, took a nap, got a back rub (it's a hard life, I know) & listened from below. Don't worry though, I definitely stood up when "The Eagle" arrived. There were a lot of "OH-IO"s shared & I clapped when he claimed that more than being called Democrats or Republicans we are proud to be called AMERICANS!

If I knew how to draw an arrow to point him out for you I would. But he & Michelle are on the far right by the podium, if you feel like playing an altered version of Where's Waldo? 

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