Saturday, October 2, 2010

October is American Pharmacists Month

Who knew? My profession has a whole month dedicated to how awesome we are. Usually, in the past (& kinda still now I guess) I've felt like days are given to really important people who've done an incredible & very memorable service i.e. mothers, fathers, Martin Luther King Jr., veterans... & months are usually given out to those that really just need to feel better about themselves & so try to promote their causes (sorry if you find this politically incorrect, but I'm only incriminating myself here) i.e. women's history, vegan awareness, & just about every minority out there.

So to celebrate, we're supposed to put a new Pharmacy Fact in our Facebook status each day for the month of October. But you all know me, I'm not really that into Facebook status updates so instead I'm posting the link here & if you really care or are so bored that you'd rather read through this than do any of the other 27 things pressing for your time...please enjoy.


*For a complete list of some of the most ridiculous months click here. Highly entertaining.

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