Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The letter P

Super fun weekend. We went pickin peaches! This was one of my favorite things we've ever done because 1) it's a nice drive thru beautiful rural Ohio scenery 2) it's time to be with Jamey away from school and responsibility 3) it's outside 4) the deliciousness lasts FOREVER.

We had mentioned this to the Hiltons and they were the instigators to be on our way by 8 am. Their company made it all the more fun. We go to Apple Hill Orchard in Fredericktown, OH - about an hour's drive from Columbus. We found it on a whim last year and were so pleased. Yesterday was the first day they opened the part of the orchard with the peaches we love and so the pickings were pretty high yield. They weren't all ripe and soft and perfect as last year but we'll leave them out for a few days and enjoy them even longer. We left with an overflowing half bushel of peaches, a half peck of apples, and some fresh homemade apple donuts for the drive home. Happiness.

Then last night Jamey and I went up the Gambier, OH to volunteer at Pelotonia, the bike race he participated in last year. We staffed the First Aid station. Pelotonia is such a neat experience to be a part of. I know Jamey would've loved to ride again this year but I felt like we couldn't really hit up everyone we know for the fundraising again. Everyone was so generous to support Jamey last year and we were/are so grateful for all the donations. So instead, we volunteered to staff it. I love doing these things with Jamey. I am so grateful we can share so much about our lives - school, work, and socially - together. 

And I guess Jamey was feeling like livin on the edge because we were leaving Gambier and the gas light was on. When we checked the trip computer we weren't concerned, it's pretty accurate with the mileage. We found on our phones that there were some gas stations ahead with about 5 miles to spare. But we forgot that in small towns gas stations are not always 24 hours. We seriously coasted into the gas station before the highway with 1 mile to go and then 0. Huge sigh of relief. I was very anxious. Jamey was too but of the 2 of us he had to be the calm one and he was trying hard, I know he didn't want to get out and walk it.

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Chantelle said...

You guys look like you had so much fun! (minus almost running out of gas. Been there done that and its no fun) Everyone's been posting stuff about peaches lately so I had to go buy some from the store because they looked so good! Miss you guys