Sunday, August 18, 2013

more family time

Oh I am just such a good little blogger recently. We got to see more family this weekend! Lexi and her crew came thru Columbus on their major trek from Rhode Island to Washington. Not even a full 24 hours but we packed a lot in. And because I'm so awesome I didn't take a single picture on my phone. So I hacked Lexi's from Instagram. Thanks Lex!

About as soon as the boys were out of the car they HAD to go to the pool. This was a serious NEED that had to be met immediately. I was just about to change into my own suit when Lexi suggested pedicures. I didn't need convincing. Once we were in the wonderful massage chairs letting our feet soak Lexi was telling me a story and flipped her hand and away went her pretty pink nail color. It happened so fast and was really great. The Asian man was yelling at me to move my own purple away from danger but I was laughing too hard to comprehend.

When we got back I cut up a few apples and set out the nutella and peanut butter. Apparently Casey had never been introduced to nutella and I was happy to do the honors. Since I'm really classy I just dunk the apple straight in, no utensils. Casey tried but didn't get any so I told him he just had to really stick his hand in and scoop it out. The apple got lost but Casey went after it. I was so proud. 

Then last night we took them all to the Food Truck Festival downtown. There were 47 different trucks to choose from and all so delicious. The boys had hot dogs and pizza, of course Jamey and I had to choose the noodles truck which had the longest line (worth it!). It was such a gorgeous evening to be outside and with family. 

And that was pretty much it. Got home, kids went to bed, woke up, ate peach pancakes, and they were on their way. So glad we made the list of stops! Miss them already.

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