Sunday, August 25, 2013


Yesterday wasn't Grandma's birthday. Today is! I'm a nerd but it just let her celebrate a little longer, right?

You know something I hate? My house is never completely clean. Like completely. And I have been trying to come to terms with this for yearssssss (ie - not Jamey's fault). If I empty the trash but then wipe the counters and sweep the floors - then there's garbage in there. Once I unload the dishwasher it's time to eat lunch or dinner - and back in the dishes go. I'll do laundry but then when I get everything folded and put away, my dirty clothes from the day go straight into the hamper. Not a big deal, but always so sad to me. There is always something to wipe up, dust off, or put away. It's never done. I know I'm nuts.

Another thing - fruit flies never die!

But there are some things I really love. No matter how long I neglect my flowers, they never die. The ceiling fan in our room makes it the perfect temperature to sleep at night. Our couches are comfy and deep and I can do anything on them - sit, sleep, read, or study. Jamey doesn't mind being the one to clean out the shower drain (even though it's mostly my hair). And our windows let in a lot of natural light.

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Shelise said...

I totally agree about the clean house thing. It happened to me on Saturday. I had Cannon empty the trash cans but then I cleaned the toilets and wiped the rims down with clorox wipes which I would normally throw in the trash cans and THEN empty them, but I had already emptied them... So I had to put the in a separate bag and throw them out that way so I wouldn't have new trash. I'm a little crazy. Did any of that even make sense? lol

I think you've mentioned fruit flies before. lol. Was it you that gave me the idea to suck them up with my vacuum hose? If it was, thank you. It works like a charm. Those things make me crazy!