Sunday, August 4, 2013


I've been beyond blessed to see more family in the last 2 months than I have seen in the last 7. In June my cousin Rachelle and her family were in northern Ohio (Kirtland) on a church history trip. I was so excited when my preceptor let me rearrange my schedule so that I could drive up there and spend the night and a day with them (totally crashed her in-laws' family reunion - worth it). It was heaven. That sounds cheesy, but really I was so happy. I was so peaceful. I felt more at home and more loved than I had in awhile and wow did I need that. It's funny how I can fool myself into believing I'm Miss Independent and happy on my own and grown up and spread my wings yada yada yada. Then as soon as I spend any amount of time with my family I feel true strength restored - true joy, love, and completeness. What was most fun was I forgot how incredible hilarious and wonderful it is to try and cram as many people into a tiny motel room as possible. 2 double beds and 7 people. There were bodies everywhere!! I was giddy in the tight quarters. I love my family.

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Rachelle said...

THE best part of the whole vacation.