Monday, August 5, 2013

Lake House

Lake House + 4th of July + Family = Happiness

FAMILY!! Jamey and I were lucky enough to schedule a couple of days off together for the holiday weekend and mini family reunion. Seeing family is bittersweet. It's the BEST EVER and when it's over I'm so sad and realize how much I need them and want to be around them. We saw Jamey's Mom, 2 sisters, Shelby and Melanie and their families, and Home Bear. Awesome. We played in the lake, played normal games, went to Nauvoo, set off many fireworks, saw a Cardinals game, ate ice cream, and had the best of times. Now I miss family in a big way. 


Rachelle said...

I want to spend a weekend with Jamey's family.

shel7by said...

Me too