Saturday, August 3, 2013


Well our Shark Week is not what it has been. We did not get to visit Shelby for her Extravabration, but you can still read about it all here. I WISH WE'D BEEN THERE! But, instead we went out tonight for our own celebration. The Gateway was showing Sharknado on the big screen. And when Jamey found that we could get free tickets with our purchase of the Spicy Pepperoni slice from Late Night Slice...well how could we say no? $3 for dinner and movie? I call that an awesome date night. We are glad we have good friends that are willing to put up with our whims and join us for the fun (and enjoy every bit of it). Thanks Hiltons!

Watching Sharknado in a tiny theater (it only sat 24) was the best ever. The group was hilarious and it took the show from laughable to pretty much the best ever.


Maegan and Dan said...

bahaha! look at my face! "SHARKNADO!"

The Wiser Side said...

You seriously are the coolest!