Sunday, February 7, 2010

Who knew?

I want to be a Nephi. Who doesn't? Especially when given the alternative...a Laman or a Lemuel. Nephi is righteous, steadfast, faithful, courageous, humble, and lives so closely to the Spirit. He loves the Lord and tries his hardest to live as He has taught. Laman, on the other hand, is proud, rebellious, headstrong, doubting, and faith-less. Where Nephi shows hope and optimism, Laman shows fear and disbelief.

In many a Church lesson, we have learned about these 2 men, and have asked ourselves which one we most resemble. I have always sided with Nephi. He was obviously the clear choice. No way was I a Laman.

During my morning scripture study the other day I read these verses, and had to laugh at myself

Whoa. Guess there is some Laman in me.

I am the 1st to admit- I am not a happy person when I am hungry. I completely shut-down. Some people can function without food, not me. I am way better suffering from a bout of insomnia (whether stress or socially induced!) than I am from an instance of low-blood sugar. I become easily irritated, a little more snappy, or just stare at the world as if I couldn't be more bored. It's become the joke among my closest friends as they'll often quip, "Time to feed Addie" when I get a bit ornery.

Laman. Darn.

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Amanda said...

Ha ha!!! You are hilarious. I think we all have Laman in us!!!