Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pet Hunting

I am in the market for a pet. I've done a lot of research and think I've found what I want. I am a definite dog person, though I can see how some might be in into cats, birds, or even a guinea pig...

However, I cannot understand bringing a 6+ ft, scheming, menacing, predator into your home.

I am talking about the boa constrictor, though any snake in general as a pet is troubling.
I recently heard this story. Caution: it's disturbing.

A woman had the said beast as a pet for a couple years. One day she went to feed it, and it didn't eat. The next day, the same...and the next. The next morning she woke up to find her snake stretched out to his full length lying beside her in her bed. (FYI: my reaction here would be to FREAK!) She, being very concerned for the health and physical state of the vile creature (at which point I'm questioning her mental state, but hey, that's me) she wraps the thing in her arms and drives immediately to the vet. After inspection, the vet looks at the woman gravely and says, "You are a very lucky woman. This monster has been cleaning himself out in preparation of eating you." I'm pretty sure those were his exact words.

Moral of the story? DON'T HAVE A KILLER AS A PET!!

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AEJones said...

BAA ahhhh. EEEWWWWWWW ADDIE! Nnnnnnn mmmmmmmm!!!! Eeeeeuullllll! I'm so incredibly disturbed right now. Who in their right mind would do that. Horrible. Ugh. Gross.