Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This is one of my new favorite words, as I cannot think of it (let alone say it) without a smile showing up right there across my face. I was reminded of it while watching one of my favorite movies The American President. Annette Benning's character, Sydney Ellen Wade, uses it to capture her feelings of her 1st visit to the White House.

Capraesque connotes wholesome, feel-good themes (i.e. hard work, unselfishness, morality, and basic human goodness).

That above line is how I want to live. It's what I want to look for in everyday...both in my personal life and in the views I get of others. I want to believe in basic human goodness. I want to believe that we are all trying to be good, and to give people the benefit-of-the-doubt, and that we act out of charity, dignity, and human decency. I want to feel a mutual respect for everyone I am near. I want to see the sunshine through the storm, the silver lining on each cloud, the rainbow through the water.

So here's a toast to a Capraesque life!


Dave said...

I am a big fan of this word/idea! I should watch The American President, apparently! The description that you put for the word pretty much sums up how I try to live life too. Love it!

AEJones said...

LOVE IT! We both have a little (maybe a lot) of her in us. For sure. Our eyes are huge and taking in everything that is about to hit us after April 22 and 23. :) Bring it on.