Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Grandma

Today should be my Grandma Griggs' 77th birthday. 3 months have gone by since her passing, and I feel today appropriate to honor her.

Grandma didn't speak any language but love. She was warm and kind, and really knew what mattered most in life.

I miss our late night chats. If I was staying at her place she would keep me up til 3 am telling stories and giggling. And it was never too late for me to call her after a date, she LOVED to talk and inquire about my social life!

She taught me how to cook, sew, and how to REALLY enjoy a piece of homemade apple pie.

I miss watching Hallmark movies with her and swooning over John Wayne. I miss reading her favorite novels aloud, miss watching America's Test Kitchen, and miss my stifled laughs at yet another present purchased from QVC. I'll miss her rose garden and homegrown veggies, and her smiles of complete joy when her flowers were in bloom. I even miss her trying to marry me off to every "beau" I told her about, and her antics to get me more (like the sunless tanning products she bought me because "boys like tan girls"!!)

Her example of steadfast faith and the beauty of a loving mother will be with me forever. She taught me forgiveness and hope, and to always act a lady...then I'd have no regrets.

I miss walking into her kitchen and seeing her at work in her apron and watching her face light up and arms reach out for me, to pull me into one of her encompassing hugs. I miss her incomprehensible love for me.

Grandma, I want you to know how much I love you, how much I'll miss you. You'll always be in my heart. I will never forget you.


PEG said...

Addie, you are so blessed to have not only a grandma but also a great friend. She loved you as much as you loved her.. Love you

Rachelle said...

What a tender post. Truely shows the love you had for your Grandma.