Monday, February 21, 2011

He's engaged too

 That's my handsome big brother, Tom (Thomas) and his FIANCE Chantelle (Chantilly Lace).

They met last summer at the good ol Bar Ten Ranch, then a whole year later (at the same place) it was like love at (almost) first sight. I am so glad I got to be there to watch it all unfold. The stolen glances, the flirting, the 1st dates, the 1st kiss (VERY romantic! Their kids are gonna LOVE that story...sunset, four-wheeler, Grand's the stuff movies are made of) all of it. And now they're engaged. Actually they've been engaged for awhile, as long as I have. I'm just a slacker sister & am just now posting their pictures.

Ya, I couldn't pick my favorites so you just get them all. Enjoy

they went snowboarding & he had his tux on underneath the garb.
when they got done she got in the car & he "changed" in the trunk. 

Congratulations you two!! I love you both. There is honestly no one more perfect for Thomas, I am SOOOO glad you found each other (& I'm pretty stoked to have a sister)

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