Thursday, March 3, 2011

As you know

Spring is starting to peek her head out. But with everyone's excitement I guess she's a little shy & we scared her off. But I've been enjoying the earlier sunrises, the blue skies, and the remains of once green grass. Gertie likes the long walks she gets and splashing through the puddles.

We took her on a run the other day. Or I guess she took us on one is more accurate. She pulls on that leash so hard that Jamey gets a run and bicep workout all in one. Jamey's a punk & made us run 6 miles (don't worry, it's just double my max length ever in my life) Gertie of course couldn't have been happier. As for me, I was concentrating on not having an asthma attack.

Now he's fond of saying, "You ran 1/2 a 1/2 marathon no problem. You could so train for the one in May." (something like that, it sounds a little girly to come out of his mouth verbatim but you get an idea) My reply is usually along the lines of...Not Likely.

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Laura Day said...

half of a half marathon. . . CONGRATS! This little section made me giggle. It reminded me of the good times running around the block in good ole Fairport!