Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Banana Splits

I dragged Jamey to a Marriage Panel last night. A girlfriend of mine texted Sunday evening to see if we would sit on the panel for a Young Women's activity, and when neither of us had plans, I agreed. I promised Jamey ice cream if he was good. So he drove me like 20 minutes to Baskin Robbins! (my mom and I have a Baskin Robbins banana split tradition) Yep. He's the best. We didn't realize how far away it was when we started out, but I believe it was worth every bite (even though we drove another 10 minutes to find a place where we felt safe enough to eat them! ended up being in a Giant Eagle parking lot)

he kinda has a hard time justifying $5 on an ice cream
but I didn't even think twice about it


AE Jones said...

YAY for banana splits! :) Delish. Glad you had fun. How was the panel?!

The Holts said...

So maybe you should add a post about how you and Jamey met/dated/got engaged. That would be helpful for those of us that faithfully follow your blog but somehow didn't know you were even dating someone!!! :) I am excited for you. :)

john and bre said...

I have been replaced in the banana splits at BR?! :)

We are... said...

$5 is totally worth it. There is nothing better you can get for $5 than a banana split. Unless, of course, I could get a baby birthed for that amount, and then perhaps I'd have to disagree.

And I would also like to hear the story. It seems, perhaps, I am not the only one who has missed something.