Saturday, February 19, 2011

Terrible romantic

That's me. Don't misunderstand. I am not terribly romantic, I am a terrible romantic. Any of the boys I've dated will tell you so (most even ended up calling me cold-hearted & without feeling...but I think that's because they cried when we broke up & I didn't)

Valentine's Day was great though.  Jamey's just the right amount of romantic for me. He  got up early early Monday morning to surprise me with breakfast (German pancakes & buttermilk syrup) before my classes. I jumped in the shower while he was cooking, & when I came out my room was covered in post-it notes with each one reading a different "I love you because..."

my favorite one

& instead of real roses (I got those 2 weeks before) He made me a bouquet of Milano cookies.

The man knows me.

I've never done a Valentine's Day for a boy before. Never. I am a firm believer that it's a girl's holiday. But since he's my fiance & all...I caved. It was hard though. I am not a cutesy/thoughtful girl, try though I may. But I think I did ok. He got a box full of Valentine's Day cards (for my fiance, our 1st Valentine's, funny, I love you, etc etc) filled with some of his favorite candies and then an Apple Pie Caramel apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory...with 2 balloons.

And he took me for sushi.

it was really romantic because he does not like sushi

And we watched Across the Universe (6 days later & I'm still singing the Beatles)

I love him.


Laura Day said...

Terrible romantic eh?:) I thought you did a great job with his gift. I love his idea of a bouquet of flowers and the sticky notes. Glad you guys had a good day!

Haylie said...

That is so adorable! (Can he give my husband lessons???) :)

john and bre said...

yeah you for being romantic!

We are... said...

I seriously LOVE this! My husband isn't a romantic--try as he may (and he does try, on special holidays) so it was something to get used to, since I was always used to the opposite. But it does something special to a girl's heart when they do something they normally don't like Love it, love it...and glad you found someone so perfect for you! Cuz you deserve it! And glad Thomas did, too! What a wedding extravaganza! I'm sure your mom is thrilled....

We are... said...

Oh, and tell me, why haven't we kept better touch?! I have this little piece of me filled now that we're (semi-) talking again. It's like, the world is a little bit brighter all of a sudden!