Saturday, February 5, 2011

An engaged life

It's totally opposite of what you'd think.

Typically being engaged means you're attentive and deeply involved, not distracted, but totally immersed in the task at hand.

But it's not true.

Since being engaged (to Mr. Price) I have 0 attention span. It's worse than if I'd played video games my entire life (which I haven't). I'm on the phone with friends telling the fabulous story, I'm looking at wedding blogs and design ideas, I'm admiring my ring, I'm thinking of the million and ten things that will need to be done...and it's not like I'm getting anywhere with those. I'll get online to look up reception venues but then see a link for summer colors that links me to bridesmaid dresses (which I'm not even having! but I admire them anyway...)

It's all ridiculously fun.


Laura Day said...

LOVE IT!!! So that's what it is like uh:)? I am sure that your wedding is going to be beautiful. . . so stinkin' excited for ya!

AE Jones said...

EEEE!!! So ridiculously excited for you. Wow. Still can't believe it. :) :) :)

Matt and Autumn Stone said...

Enjoy EVERY bit of it!!!

Nancy said...

Weeha! This sounds like it should be. Have you been to My fav!