Friday, May 7, 2010

Back at the Ranch

I'm spending my summer at the Bar 10 Ranch. Home sweet home (?) I completed my 1st week yesterday, & am leaving for my 2nd in the morning. Some moments I thought I must be crazy to be back, others weren't so bad, some were really fun! A lot of fun memories came back to me though, & I loved all of those.

The only time I took my camera out was on our trip to Whitmore Point. I'll share some pics of the beautiful scenery.

overlooking Mule Canyon

overlooking Whitmore Canyon

the perfect day for such a trip

with my new friend, Chantelle, at Parashant Canyon

my favorite view of the canyon


AEJones said...

New friend? :'(

Shelise said...

Umm, when I saw your boston sweatshirt a flood of memories came back from the church history trip. This sort of thing has been happening to me a lot lately. Today at the grocery store I walked by a lady and smelled her perfume and 1st grade came right back to me. Weird. Is this the place you would go to for the summer in high school?

Nancy said...

You're really back? Enjoy the Bar 10!

Anonymous said...

Miss this! Miss you!

Leyla Sagi said...

Hi Addie,
I was looking for a photo of me rolling down the hill with no rear break on the bike...found it :-)