Thursday, May 20, 2010

Moving Advice NEEDED!

Moving across the country sounded like a great idea...until now...figuring out logistics really hurts my head. What is the best way to go? Truck the stuff myself? Hire a moving company? Go with a pod? Ship it all on a pallet? Right now I'm leaning toward just going with the clothes on my back! But I have lots of friends who've made the cross-country what did YOU find the most cost-efficient & headache-less? I'm eager to hear your thoughts. 

Thank you in advance.

(blog comments, emails, phonecalls are all welcome!)


Matt and Autumn Stone said...

We don't have any furniture...still, so we've crammed everything in our car...of-course we couldn't take a lot of things we wanted but saved money by not getting a uhual...that is a good option though...get a uhaul behind your car- just get a hitch

Nicole Johansen said...

When we moved we struggled with the same decisions! In the end we went with a UHaul trailer. It fit all of our stuff (we didn't have ANY furniture) and was the cheapest (even though it still cost a few hundred dollars and we had to get a trailer hitch on our car). The driving was slow with it, but the drive was pretty. It took a few days and was quite the adventure! If I was back in the same moment in time, I'd do the Uhaul again. Oh and at least then, they gave us one month of free storage here in Pittsburgh, which was huge lifesaver because we ended up being homeless for about 3.5 weeks when we first got here... :)