Thursday, April 29, 2010


It's a genetic disease.

I've found the cure is a craving for SPACE. I have been in the largest de-clutter movement of my life.

I wish I had some before & after pictures of my room for you, but I don't. So oh darn.

I now have 4 empty drawers, 1/2 a closet shelf, & a bedroom floor! I am very pleased with myself.


AEJones said...

YAY!!! What a good feeling. I kind of miss sharing a closet with you. (but only kind of...) ;)

Amanda said...

That is the best feeling to get rid of STUFF!!! Ella has not but down her Betty Boop as well as hasn't stopped playing it. Love you!

bre said...

Wow! That is impressive! Miss you!

Matt and Autumn Stone said...

Addie! I finally figured out how to post on your blog! YAY! Miss you tons and hope to see you soon! LOve u!!