Friday, May 14, 2010

Gimpy Gertie

My baby has a broken leg!

I finally got home from my extended stay in the Canyon yesterday, & my days off have been anything but relaxing. I hadn't been home long enough to even shower & change out of my work clothes before Mom & I were driving Gertie down to the Pet Hospital! Don't worry, didn't get back til midnight.

She was playing with Pete (Mom's dog) as usual & something weird happened where she stopped the circle chase abruptly & Pete smashed into her then landed on top of her?? We think. Then the crying started! It was the saddest sound I ever heard, & I was so glad my mom was there to help me take care of her.

Mom holding Gertie waiting for the doc to come in

Doc showing me the x-ray. Bad news bearers

All 4 digits are broken! 5 fractures total. Vet said, "Wow, Gertie!"

Just got my baby back, she's stoned on morphine here. But I love the heart!!

Went to see Grandma for some late night lovin

So I guess this means she gets out of running with me for the next month. Bonus for her.


AEJones said...

Okay... if you, Bre and I were sitting on the couch right now with our laptops and I was reading this blog post, I would probably be saying "NOOO!!! SAADDD!!!" And then after a couple seconds of silence, Bre and I would probably bust up laughing. As said as it is, it is kind of funny that Pete did this. Is he just getting back at Gertie for what she made him have to do? You know... losing his manliness and all? I can just see him pulling a sumo wrestling move while he screams "HAAAA KARATE!!!!" I love you Ad...

cameron & lauren said...

oh my gosh, that is the saddest thing ever! but i must admit the little doggy cast is so cute- i love it!

bre said...

That's awful! I don't even want to think of what her cry sounds like :( Love ASh's comment!