Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Deserted in the desert

I was supposed to be back in civilization today.
It's just a part of the job hazards when your transportation is a little 19 seater plane, & the wind is blowing 50 mph, & you can't see the walls of the Canyon only 10 miles in the distance...you're pretty much stuck right where you are.
It's lucky though when you're stranded with your big brother & can work & play together to make the day go quick & enjoy yourselves.
Of course, the weather cleared up BEAUTIFULLY once the flight was cancelled.
But I got to spend one more gorgeous day in the Grand Canyon, so I'm not really complaining...


Michelle said...

OH, the bar-10! All I can say is, is at least you have the internet now. I'm pretty sure when I worked there with you there was nothing like that. That is why I had my "Addie Pony Express" send messages to my special someone when I was on the deserted desert.

Speaking of special someone........how's your "friend". Do I need to relay a message!?haha

Jenny said...

OH my goodness ... I'm so jealous. Wow, lucky I'm seriously going to have to come down and visit you ... I love that place!

Matt and Autumn Stone said...

I need to come visit the heavenly place one day!