Tuesday, February 26, 2013

28 I am

Well I think I'm officially old (mature maybe?) considering as how I got new bath towels for my birthday yesterday and was absolutely elated! They're Egyptian cotton and so thick and soft and heavenly and I was so ridiculously happy.

I had a nice birthday. Very mellow and low-key and nice. Jamey and I went to see the Animated Shorts and got take-out for dinner - Wings Over Columbus, yumm. We were going to go to Cheesecake Factory with a giftcard but I nixed it last minute. I just wanted to bum around at home. So we did.

I was a bit spoiled by friends and family yesterday - with both presents and well wishes. Best thing though was my new butter dish (I know, towels and a butter dish, but they're awesome). I forgot that I'd been admiring this little butter dish at Christmastime when I was doing some online window shopping. But Jamey remembered. And love of my life that he is, he ordered the cute little thing for me from Anthropologie of all places and totally surprised me. I'm in love with the dish for sure, but moreso that Jamey actually, willingly - consciously - paid full price for a ridiculous little purchase just to make me happy. I didn't need it, forgot I wanted it, but he still did it. Love him so much.

**Note: Personally, I've never myself been able to justify purchasing something from Anthropologie and only go to their website occasionally to browse. So he gets extra points for that too. The deal I made myself was when I get my first actual grown-up real-world paycheck I'd allow myself to splurge and buy something full-price from Anthro and not feel a moment's guilt over it. He beat me to it. Now I need a new deal. 

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