Sunday, February 24, 2013

love query

Jamey and I sat on a little panel at Church today for the Young Men and Young Women about how our youths prepared us for the big decisions in life (marriage/missions/school etc). We are in a new ward and really don't know too many people yet so we were excited to get to see some new faces, but then again I was a little nervous because I hardly knew anyone! It was us and another couple, that we did know and they were so fun too. I swear Jamey is the perfect person for these kinds of things because he can put an entire room at ease, he's just so good at relating to anyone on their level. One of the questions that was asked was what did Jamey do while we were "courting" that made me think/know I could happily spend my life with him?

#1: He makes me laugh -at jokes, at him, at myself, at any and everything. He is fun to be around because he can find humor anywhere and really helped to balance me out when I get a little too focused and stressed about one thing in particular. Because of this he was so easy to be around and I was so comfortable with him that I loved every moment of it and never wanted it to end.

#2: He is so supportive. We're both in pretty high-maintenance school programs (meaning you can't neglect them for very long). He never asked/demanded me to put him before my studies. He planned dates around our schedules, and mostly we had study dates. And even on our real dates he'd make fun of me but never actually made me feel bad about toting my note cards along with me (they were like my safety blanket).

In short, a respectful funny man did me in.

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Peg said...

you two are perfect together. Love you both