Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Team Puffs

Puffs tissues are the best. Far superior to any other brand. I hate having a runny nose but Puffs make me not mind quite so much. Silly. I've had a rather annoying little cold/cough the past couple weeks (I actually think it's 2 separate ones because there were a few days in the middle that I did not have to blow my nose once and that was nice). And I really don't like to blow my nose in public. If it's busy public I don't really care, but if it's in the middle of class where the room is silent except for the lecturer and my blow echoes off the walls, I don't like it so much. But some days I've forgotten to stash my coat pockets with more Puffs and I've had to rely on toilet paper, paper towels, and actual kleenex brand tissues which are decidedly inferior. They make my poor nose raw. But after using as many Puffs as I need my nose is still intact. And their boxes are cute for my house.

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Shelise said...

What? You changed something and I can comment now. Yay!!! As I was reading this I was thinking Puffs should pay you to advertise for them. lol. I've always used Kleenex and love them... maybe I should branch out.