Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shark Week 2012

We celebrated with the best. It was the last weekend before school started for me and we drove to St. Louis for a quick trip to see Shelby in all her glory. I should've taken more pictures but I was having too much fun. It was incredible. For the full work-up and a true appreciation you need to see her Shark Week Blog. We arrived in time to enjoy the Dive-In movie, a group watching Jaws outside by/in the pool. There was a 21 ft great white shark taped to her floor that spanned two rooms. Carnival games- Angry Fish (a real life Angry Birds), Feed the Sharks (ping pong balls through shark mouths), Fishing, Shark Walk (like a cake walk), a hands-on contest that lasted more like 2 hours I think, slip-n-slides, shark races in the pool, oh and a 40 ft blow up Shark slide. AMAZING.

 this is one side of the Angry Sharks, I forgot to get all the precariously stacked boxes

 Jamey going for the attack. I think Sienna won.


lynne said...

that looks like such a great time and a lot of work! btw i tried to write a message on your "no hands" but it wouldnt let me for some reason. so ill tell you my thought here: WHY TO GO ADDIE!!!!! but my favorite are your arms....they look amazing!

shel7by said...

Hey - You forgot to mention Sienna's Shark Week Video was posted by TRAIN on their website and Facebook! I'm so glad you guys came. Wouldn't have been even close without you.

shel7by said...

ps i stole your pictures.